Naples Beach Club: A Guide to Luxury on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Sunset Views and Ocean Breezes: The Magic of Naples Beach Club

Nestled on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Naples Beach Club stands as a rare sanctuary in Naples, embodying luxury and tradition. For seven decades, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club set the standard, and now, that legacy continues.

The elegant Beachside Residences mirror the charm of single-family estate homes, seamlessly blending with the Gulf Coast’s tranquil ambiance of sea, sky, and sand. This limited collection promises a lifestyle deeply rooted in Naples’ essence.

As the property transitions from the Watkins family to The Athens Group, a world-class developer, the Naples Beach Club undergoes a transformative redevelopment. The Athens Group, committed to preserving the Watkins legacy, envisions a future that respectfully embraces Naples’ cultural heritage.

With a focus on enhancing the resort’s golf course and beach bar, The Athens Group’s redevelopment plan ensures a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Embracing a Four Seasons Resort identity, the Naples Beach Club heralds a captivating new chapter in Naples’ storied history.

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Now, let’s immerse ourselves in the opulent ambiance of the Naples Beach Club, where every moment promises a harmonious blend of sophistication and serenity.

Why is the Naples Beach Club so Special?

The Naples Beach Club stands out due to its prime location and development by world-class experts renowned for creating luxurious properties worldwide. Offering beach living at its pinnacle, it seamlessly blends the quality of a 5-star hotel with the allure of a coastal retreat.

When you buy a property at the Naples Beach Club, you’re not just acquiring a condo – you’re also embracing a luxurious lifestyle that comes with exceptional amenities. This exclusive enclave is designed for beach lovers and luxury real estate enthusiasts who crave refined living. Come and explore the epitome of luxury living!

Naples Beach Club
Naples Beach Club Front Image

Standout Features

Elevating the Naples Beach Club experience are its unparalleled standout features, setting a new standard for luxurious coastal living in Florida. Discover the distinctive elements that make this enclave truly exceptional.


The Naples Beach Club’s vibrant town center serves as a gathering place for hotel guests, owners, and locals.

  • General Store: A boutique market offering beer, wine, grab-and-go foods, and sundries.
  • Market Square Bar & Grill: Features a game room and a four-lane bowling alley for leisure activities.
  • The Porch: An open-air ice cream pavilion for indulgent treats.
  • Kids Club: A family-friendly space dedicated to young guests.
  • Movie Experiences: Indoor and outdoor movie options under the Naples sky.
  • Gathering Spaces: Designed with firepits for cozy gatherings.
  • Lawn Recreation: Spacious lawns cater to various outdoor activities, providing a recreational haven.


Explore the essence of coastal living at Naples Beach Club, where the Beachside Residences seamlessly blend luxury with the serene Gulf Coast ambiance.

  • Elegant Design: Reflecting the grace of single-family estate homes.
  • Seamless Integration: Harmonizing with the serene language of sea, sky, and sand along the Gulf Coast.
  • Exclusivity: A limited collection, promising a lifestyle deeply rooted in Naples’ essence.
  • Tranquil Retreat: Each residence offers a soulful expression of the relaxed coastal lifestyle.
  • Gulf-front Haven: Embrace the tranquility of this exclusive collection in the heart of Naples Beach Club.

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At Naples Beach Club, every residence is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend indoor comfort with the natural allure of outdoor living. Residents can embrace a constant connection to nature and the laid-back informality of beach life. Outdoor Living Features Include:

  • Lounge and Dine: Outdoor spaces for lounging and dining, immersing residents in the Gulf Coast ambiance.
  • Wellness Gardens: Personalized wellness gardens provide a serene retreat within each residence.
  • Saunas and Spas: Dedicated saunas and spas offer residents a rejuvenating experience.
  • Plunge Pools: Hot and cold plunge pools provide therapeutic benefits for relaxation.
  • Diverse Pools: A variety of pools, including full-size, family, and lap options, cater to different aquatic preferences.
  • Cabanas: Stylish cabanas offer private spaces for relaxation and shade.
  • Screened Kitchens and Pavilions: Outdoor culinary experiences with screened kitchens and pavilions.
  • Yoga Lawns: Serene spaces for mindful practices, fostering well-being for residents.


You can elevate your Naples Beach Club home ownership with exclusive access to the Residents Club, meticulously curated by Discovery Land Company. This private haven is a collection of luxurious offerings seamlessly integrated into the resort. Club Amenities Include:

  • Spa and Fitness Area: Two treatment rooms for rejuvenation in a stylish spa and fitness area.
  • Residents Lounge: An elegant lounge, offering a sophisticated space for relaxation.
  • Outdoor Living Room: An outdoor living room, creating a coastal atmosphere for residents.
  • Private Dining Room: Culinary delights in a private dining room with personalized service.
  • Game and Card Room: Leisurely pursuits for fostering community engagement.
  • Sunset Overlook: Breathtaking views for moments of serene reflection.

The Residents Beach Club is not just a venue; it’s a tailored experience designed to enhance the lifestyle of Naples Beach Club homeowners.


Nestled along the resort’s 1,000 feet of white-sand beach, the Residents Beach House is a haven for exclusive coastal living. Beach House Features Include:

  • Pools and Jacuzzis: Adult and family pools complemented by Jacuzzis for a serene beachside retreat.
  • Cabanas: Stylish cabanas provide a private oasis by the beach for residents’ relaxation.
  • Food & Beverage Offerings: Curated culinary delights enhance the beachfront experience.
  • Beach Recreation: Outdoor Pursuits Guides guide residents in engaging beach activities for memorable experiences.
  • Gulf-front Lawn: A picturesque Gulf-front lawn serves as a backdrop for wellness activities, including yoga.

The Residents Beach House is not just a beachfront escape; it’s an exclusive retreat designed to amplify the coastal lifestyle at Naples Beach Club.

Exclusive Amenities

Elevating the Naples Beach Club experience to unparalleled heights, you can indulge in a curated array of exclusive amenities. From heated pools and a redesigned Tom Fazio golf course to beachside oases and diverse dining options, each element is meticulously designed for an extraordinary coastal lifestyle. Dive into the luxury of private cabanas, enjoy water activities, and participate in vibrant social events. With access to Four Seasons Hotel amenities, this enclave promises a life of indulgence and leisure.
Key amenities include:

  • Heated pools and bubbling spas
  • Tom Fazio redesigned golf course
  • Tennis and Pickleball
  • Market square, restaurants, bowling & movies
  • Event Pavilion
  • Seven restaurants including sports bar, sushi restaurant
  • Beachside oasis with outdoor pools, cabanas
  • Beach Club Concierge Services
  • Four Seasons Hotel access
  • Private Beach Cabanas
  • Boating, fishing, kayaking, paddleboard
  • Underbuilding parking, gas grills
  • Bike storage, extra storage
  • Residents’ social events
  • Over 1000′ of beach frontage
  • 158 private luxury residential units
  • Full beachside concierge
  • Full-service spa, fitness center
  • Outdoor pursuits program
  • 7 dining options
  • Beachside Residents lounge
  • Family sports park
  • General Store, Market Square Bar & Grill
  • The Porch ice cream pavilion
  • Indoor & outdoor movie experiences
  • Gathering spaces with firepits
  • Lawn recreation

Membership Details

Joining Naples Beach Club is an investment in luxury living. The club initiation deposit is $150,000, securing access to exclusive amenities. With a vertical membership policy, the owners’ family enjoys privileges even when they’re away. Optional Golf Club: $150,000 entry fee + $22,500 in annual dues, and monthly Condo dues: $2.71/SF/mo. Notably, social or corporate memberships are not available, maintaining the exclusivity of the community.

A History: Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club


Founded in the 1880s as The Naples Hotel, this retreat for Midwestern snowbirds evolved into Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Henry Watkins Sr.’s vision transformed it into a Gulf-spanning vacation destination in 1946.

Under Watkins family stewardship for 70 years, the property expanded, and in 1981, the legacy passed to Henry Jr., then Michael and Henry III in 1989. With $65 million invested since 1998, the resort embraced modernization, including a spa, tennis center, and upgrades.

November 2021 marked the transition to The Athens Group. Originally built in the 1920s, the golf course underwent transformations, the latest by Ron Garl. Recent redevelopment plans promise a Four Seasons hotel, luxury residences, and a Tom Fazio-designed golf course, blending history with contemporary luxury.

The Development Journey of Naples Beach Club

The Athens Group is currently transforming the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club into a premier Four Seasons destination. The redevelopment plan includes the construction of Beachside and Golfside Residences, an upgraded golf course, and revamped amenities such as HB’s on the Gulf.

Moreover, the Market Square will be added to the resort, which will feature a cinema, kids’ club, and spa, adding to the allure of the area. Extensive landscaping is being carried out to create a cohesive coastal resort feel. Originally proposed in 2018, adjustments had to be made due to COVID-19, a Four Seasons agreement, and Hurricane Ian, which prompted a restart. As a result, there will be less massing, more open space, and an enhanced aesthetic experience.

The Four Seasons Resort is set to open in early 2025, and promises a new pinnacle of coastal luxury that is sure to impress anyone who visits the area.

Naples Beach Club Real Estate Highlights

The Athens Group’s $1 billion initiative transforms Naples Beach Club into a 125-acre haven—Naples Beach Club. Featuring a new 216-room Four Seasons hotel, 150 luxury condos, and golf-side residences, the project strategically replaces the existing 319-room hotel.

Preserving 104 acres for recreation and open space, including 70 acres as permeable land, the development balances luxury and sustainability. Meeting space is streamlined to 12,000 square feet, optimizing exclusivity. Collaborating with the city, the clubhouse integrates with stormwater facilities.

With 1,000 feet of beachfront, Naples Beach Club sets a new standard for luxury living in Southwest Florida.

The Residences

Naples Beach Club presents an exclusive collection of residences along Naples’ revered white-sand beaches. The initial offering comprises 58 Beachside homes, including eight spacious Penthouses and Beach Houses, with an expected delivery in 4th QTR 2025. Only 5 residences remain, priced from $24 million to $50 million.

Penthouses & Beach Houses:
4 to 8+ bedrooms
5,720 sf – 15,385 sf

Beachside Residences:
2+ to 5+ bedrooms
2,684 sf – 6,681 sf

These Beachside Residences, Penthouses, and Beach Houses boast 12-14 foot ceilings, flooding the interiors with natural light and coastal breezes. Expansive verandas offer an immersive outdoor-indoor living experience. Most Beachside Residences provide both East and West-facing views for enchanting sunrises and sunsets.

The Golfside Residences are expected to have a total of 95 units among 5 buildings (staggered 4 and 7 stories), 83 units spread among 4 buildings and 1 building of 12 units (BLDG E) that is rentable through the Four Seasons leasing program. Prices are expected to start around $6 million.  The Golfside Residences are anticipated to be released for sale in 2024; please reach out if you are interested in further details.

Lavish Interiors

Naples Beach Club elevates luxury living with finished units designed by Champalimaud Design, renowned for bespoke high-end hospitality. Naples Beach Club owners can select from two exquisite design themes: Seashell, an elegant modern twist on tradition, or Beachwood, a sleek and refined contemporary style.

Both themes promise the highest quality materials, including real stone, hardwood, Sub-Zero Wolf, Dornbracht, and other premium components. This choice reflects the meticulous attention to detail synonymous with Champalimaud Design’s global recognition in creating sophisticated interiors for luxury hotels and residential homes. Naples Beach Club residents can anticipate a seamless blend of elegance and modernity in their custom luxury homes.

Another property worth mentioning is Rosewood Residences, nestled in the Coquina Sands neighborhood, which also boasts lavish interiors, providing contemporary luxury by the shoreline. Explore more about Rosewood Residences in our dedicated article.

Four Seasons Hotel

Within the Naples Beach Club enclave, a distinctive coastal community is emerging, featuring a 216-key hotel managed by the esteemed Four Seasons Hotels and

 Resorts. Developed by Discovery Land Company, renowned for crafting world-class private residential club communities, this coastal haven and a world class destination resort also encompasses up to 185 luxury residences and unparalleled club amenities.

The new 216-room Four Seasons Hotel, positioned on the west side of Gulf Shore Blvd. North, facing the Gulf, is currently under construction. Hindered briefly by Hurricane Ian, it is now anticipated to open its doors in early 2025. With over 100 fewer rooms than its predecessor, this will mark the debut of the first Four Seasons resort on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The entire development will be known as the Naples Beach Club, with the hotel distinguished as the Naples Beach Club, a Four Seasons Resort. The Four Seasons Hotel is expected to be operational Jan/Feb 2025. The golf course should be playable by early 2026.


Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Indulge in culinary delights at Naples Beach Club with Athens’ commitment to retaining and renovating popular spots like HB’s on the Gulf and the Sunset Beach Bar. Elevate your dining experience with additional concepts, including a restaurant with a small bowling alley and an artisanal grab n’ go facility in Market Square. Broadwell’s will be succeeded by this innovative restaurant, offering a unique blend of gastronomy and entertainment. The resort’s culinary landscape is further enriched with a small sundry shop and the possibility of boutique retail shops, ensuring a diverse and satisfying dining experience.

For shopping enthusiasts, the Naples Beach Club introduces a curated shopping experience with potential boutique retail shops on the northern edge of the hotel and in Market Square. Athens envisions a blend of distinctive offerings that complement the resort’s sophisticated ambiance. From sundry shops to boutique retailers, guests and residents will have access to carefully curated selections that enhance the overall lifestyle at Naples Beach Club.

As for entertainment, it takes center stage at Naples Beach Club’s Market Square. The resort plans to anchor this vibrant space with a restaurant featuring a bowling alley, replacing Broadwell’s, creating a unique blend of dining and recreation. The comprehensive spa and fitness facility, along with a recreational outfitter and an artisanal grab n’ go facility replacing Seminole, contribute to a well-rounded entertainment experience. Additional Market Square facilities may offer exclusive experiences for the resort’s guests and residents, ensuring a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Choice Gulf Shore Blvd Setting

Situated at 851 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples Beach Club commands a prime address in Naples, Florida, 34101, nestled within the beauty of Collier County. Positioned to the south of Lowdermilk Park, the resort is just steps away from the pristine shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This enviable location offers a seamless blend of tranquility and accessibility, providing residents and guests with the luxury of coastal living within reach of natural wonders and recreational havens.

The Team Behind Naples Beach Club

Naples Beach Club is curated by a globally renowned team:

  • Owner/Developer Team: The Athens Group (Montage Laguna Beach; Montage Deer Valley) and MSD Partners (Four Seasons Resort Hualalali; Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea).
  • Operating Partners: Discovery Land Company (Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club; Yellowstone Club), with an upcoming announcement of a five-star luxury hotel brand.
  • Design Team: Hart Howerton (Kukio Golf and Beach Club; Montage Palmetto Bluff), Champalimaud Design (Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows; The Plaza New York), and Fazio Design (Pelican Hill Golf Club; Kukio Golf and Beach Club).
  • Discovery Land Company: With 30 years of experience, they’ve crafted 25 private, exclusive clubs globally, showcasing their expertise in luxury residential communities.

Experience Luxury at Naples Beach Club: Your Gateway to Gulf Coast Living


Embark on a journey of refined living at Naples Beach Club, where luxury meets the Gulf Coast’s serene beauty. If you are outside of Southwest Florida and are seeking an exceptional real estate agent who can assist you with your property ventures, contact Matt Brown at William Raveis Real Estate.

With unparalleled insight into Naples real estate, Matt Brown invites you to explore the pinnacle of coastal elegance. Let Matt be your trusted guide in discovering the essence of luxury living at Naples Beach Club. Explore testimonials from his clients or delve deeper into his real estate journey for additional insights. Contact Matt today and initiate the next chapter of your Gulf Coast dream home.